Shana McDonough, LCMT

                                                  Providing Therapeutic Massage for your Health and Wellness Needs...

Massage therapy not only addresses our physical aches and pains, it also helps to calm our minds and spirits to ensure overall health and relaxation. When done on a consistent schedule as a part of your wellness program, the long lasting effects prove to be truly amazing. Whether you are an athlete, a mom-to-be, a college student or a retiree, there is a place for massage in everyones life to help them maintain the best quality of life possible....

Benefits of Massage.....

  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • Relief for tired, sore and achy muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Enhances lymph flow
  • Promotes healing to injured muscle tissue
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces incidents of depression and anxiety
  • Quicker recovery for over-worked muscles

Benefits of Prenatal Massage.....

  • Alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints and musculo-fascial structures
  • Assists in remedying many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy: muscular discomforts, lower-back pain, upper-back pain, headaches, leg cramps, sciatica, stiffness, tension and knots, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, heartburn and acid reflux, fatigue, varicose veins, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, edema of the lower extremities, neck pain, interscapular pain, sacroiliac and hip joint pain and constipation
  • Increases blood circulation,which provides more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and fetus and stimulates the lymph system, thereby increasing immunity and removal of toxins
  • Stabilizes hormonal levels and helps relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes
  • Soothes and relaxes the nervous system by releasing endorphins into the mother’s body. As a result, the expectant mother feels more relaxed and at ease, and will also sleep more easily and more deeply