Shana McDonough, LCMT

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About Me

I love what I do. I think that finding something that you are passionate about and having the opportunity to pursue it professionally is one of the greatest gifts in life. Being a massage therapist, for me, is incredibly rewarding.

 I am able to use the tools that I have to provide pain relief, stress relief, healing and relaxation. Being able to educate my clients about self-care and to help them reach their personal health and wellness goals is an amazing experience. I learn something new every single day from the clients on my table, and look forward to each and every session. I received my training at the Community College of Rhode Island and was the Co-President of the graduating class of 2007. During my time there, I learned skills and techniques in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Shiatsu. I have continued to take various seminars and continuing education courses and have received certifications in Hot Stone Therapy, Infant Massage Education and Prenatal Massage. Each and every person is different, and I am thankful to have such a diverse clientele. I love being able to provide a relaxing Swedish massage to one client and a deep tissue sports orientated massage to the next. Whatever your needs may be, I will always do my best to accommodate them.

     What Some of my Clients are Saying about Massage....

"I've been to a number of massage therapists over the years with varying degrees of satisfaction. Since I began working with Shana, I have been consistently delighted with each appointment. Shana's training, uncommon skill and sincere desire to do her very best for every one of her clients, allow her to provide the most wonderful therapeutic massage experience. Shana also willingly shares her wealth of knowledge about self care and personal wellness. My only regret is that I can't get her massages more often."

Jay, Bristol RI

"The sessions I have had with Shana were transformational. When I found out I was pregnant I was still working a physically demanding job. Shana’s prenatal massages made me feel like a new person after each visit. In the weeks coming up to my due date and then as my due date passed by, Shana was there to ease tension, relax and comfort my anxieties. She seemed to always have time for me and knew

exactly what my body needed. I am so grateful to have had Shana during my pregnancy and still to this

day!" ~Brooke, Newport RI.

"Shana Provost is a premiere massage therapist. She is, of course, extremely knowledgeable about the body, many different techniques for massage, and numerous alternative health modalities. But, perhaps, her most profound strength lies in her intuitive sense of her clients, and what it is that they, uniquely, need. Shana makes me feel uniquely attended to. She assesses my current situation and determines how to work with me that day. I simply put myself in Shana’s hands, and let her decide. I trust that whatever I need, I’ll get, ten-fold. It is head-to-toe and heart-to-mind treatment."

Barbara, Portsmouth RI